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Yes, You Are an Imposter

Minnow Park
Minnow Park
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For the longest time I thought the Imposter Syndrome was something to overcome or avoid. It’s not till recently I’ve learned it’s here to stay. It’s not going anywhere.

Before I started coaching it was, “Who do you think you are even trying to do anything other than photography?”

When I started coaching it became, “What do you know about coaching? Why would anyone want to be coached by you? You just started!”

When I got my first client it told me, “Oh wow, this is actually working? Well let’s see how long you can pull this off.”

When my roster of clients filled up, “After that last session they are going to drop you as soon as they can. You’re not really helping them. There’s nothing of value you are providing for them.”


It’s not going anywhere, so let’s reframe the problem and lean into it rather than try to out maneuver it.

Yes, you’re an imposter. But you’re an imposter acting in service of generosity, seeking to make things better.
When we embrace imposter syndrome instead of working to make it disappear, we choose the productive way forward. The imposter is proof that we’re innovating, leading, and creating.
– Seth Godin, “The Practice”

So yes, yes! I am an imposter. I’m doing something I’ve never done before, that’s why it’s so meaningful. I’m challenging and pushing myself to do something new. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing but that doesn’t mean I should stop.

Because whether or not it works is separate from committing to the process of showing up everyday and doing the work as best as I can.

The imposter syndrome is a signal, it’s a harsh spotlight on the path towards your most courageous work. Don’t try and switch it off, but focus on what’s illuminated and take that next step.

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