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Self Care

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Recovering a Sense of Play

Something I’m trying hard to recover when working on projects is a sense of play. It’s one that’s easy to lose because it doesn’t rank high in making a project feel worthwhile—productive, profitable, or prestigious, feels much more important. We’d certainly make time to

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Feeling Guilty about Self Care

I asked a question on Instagram the other day to my fellow brothers, “How do you practice self care in your daily life?” I didn’t expect anyone to answer. My assumption is we are mostly ignorant to what “self care” really means. Women are much more enlightened and have

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Social Media is Junk Food

Social Media is like a fast food restaurant where your friends hang out all the time. Whenever you go to a restaurant, all the food is free, and you can stay there for as long as you like, but you can’t bring in any outside food or beverages. And

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Gaining Attention with Outrage

I wanted to bring back an essay I shared in April this year because one of the major sources I want to rethink completely is modern media and the news. I attribute much of my sanity and growth during this year to the fact I didn’t have a TV

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Seventh Week Sabbaticals

Today is the start of my first sabbatical week this year. I wanted to revisit what I mean when I say a sabbatical, for those that are new here (welcome again!) and as a reminder for veterans. Growing up, a sabbatical seemed like a luxury that only professors took. My