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Owning Our Stories

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Earning to Be Creative

I have another question for you today: How hard are you trying to earn your identity as a creator/creative/artist? Because once we decide for ourselves that we start creating work that is generous, courageous, and intended to connect with others, most of us run straight into self doubt.

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Becoming a Transitional Character

White supremacy, the construct that white people are superior than people of color, is in the air we breathe. And just as much as we can’t see the oxygen we inhale, we can’t see but but breathe in the oppression of white supremacy every single day. The teacher

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The Sons of Hyun Jung Kim Grant

I can’t stop thinking about Randy and his younger brother. I found out about them because Randy launched a GoFundMe for him and his brother after his mother was murdered in Atlanta in the mass shooting two weeks ago. Ever since hearing the news, I’ve been numb, weary,

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Rest in Peace and Power

Soon Chung Park 박순정, age 74 Hyun Jung Grant 김현정, age 51 Sun Cha Kim 김순자 , age 69 Yong Ae Yue 유용애, age 63 Delaina Ashley Yaun, age 33 Paul Andre Michels, age 54 Xiaojie Tan 谭小洁, age 49 Daoyou Feng 冯道友, age 44 Names of people, lives infinitely valuable,

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The Best Book Club in the World

I had a vulnerable conversation with my friend the other day about what it means to own their story. This friend’s been through a lot. So much more than I could ever understand. We’re both Asian, and as Asians we all share a visceral reaction to the idea