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Hone Your Craft

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Lesson from Three Years of Blogging

I recently found out my mom had dreams to become a writer. I knew she loved books and majored in German literature, but I never knew she wanted to be a writer. Growing up, my mom would always have K-Radio 1660 AM on at home while doing chores and cooking.

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Writing is like Retouching

Clarity is the Goal A few years ago, I dove deep into learning how to retouch photos. Retouching is a powerful tool that’s been wielded irresponsibly on magazine covers and advertisements. It’s easy to over retouch and render a photo unrealistic or bizarre because the subject is missing

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Make it Raw, Not Perfect

My niece was born this past Tuesday, and the rest of the week felt like a blur in the best possible way. I have so much more to say about being an uncle, but that will be for another day. This week, I wanted to wrap up my thoughts about