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Thoughts on Giving Helpful Feedback

And why it's so hard to give helpful feedback.

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Turning Pain Into Art

I’m reading this book by Susan Cain called Bittersweet and she starts with a story about the death of 22 people during the civil war in Sarajevo in 1992.

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Therapy, Coaching, and Community

I never went to the doctor growing up, even after one of my worst injuries in third grade. My mom and I were on our way back home from getting groceries down the street. I was running ahead of my mom, believing as all third graders do, that if I

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The Best Book Club in the World

I had a vulnerable conversation with my friend the other day about what it means to own their story. This friend’s been through a lot. So much more than I could ever understand. We’re both Asian, and as Asians we all share a visceral reaction to the idea

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Why is Mindset Work so Hard?

Mindset is the lens with which you see through the world. Working on mindset means we’re switching out the lenses, embracing the blurry, disjointed experience of adjusting to a new way of seeing the world. That blurriness is the pain of unlearning ideas you worked so hard to put

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Culture is Created by Those Who Show Up

The only way to change culture is to create more of it. - Andy Crouch This one idea completely changed the way I look at art, creativity, and my work. Growing up in a conservative Christian home, we always wondered how we can save a broken and sinful world. We