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Lessons from Building

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How Portraiture Complements Coaching

How I bring out someone's photogenic and creative potential.

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2021 Year End Review

If I had to say when this “year” started, it would be March 2020 when NYC shut down and along with it a year’s worth of work, plans, and dreams.

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Lessons from a Year of Coaching

So what have I learned after a year of coaching? Well a lot, but if I had to sum it up, it’s two things: the act of coaching is about listening and empathy and the result of coaching is self-awareness. Here’s what I mean. My job isn’t

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Why We're Leaving Basecamp

Below is a letter I wrote to my coaching clients this past week about why we wont' be using Basecamp anymore for our communications in between sessions. Since the start of my coaching, I've been using Basecamp, and so this is a major but neccessary move. In

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Lesson from Three Years of Blogging

I recently found out my mom had dreams to become a writer. I knew she loved books and majored in German literature, but I never knew she wanted to be a writer. Growing up, my mom would always have K-Radio 1660 AM on at home while doing chores and cooking.