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Make it Raw, Not Perfect

Minnow Park
Minnow Park
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My niece was born this past Tuesday, and the rest of the week felt like a blur in the best possible way. I have so much more to say about being an uncle, but that will be for another day.

This week, I wanted to wrap up my thoughts about perfectionism and social media with this video by Jack Conte, the CEO of Patreon. He’s also a musician who has a band with his wife called Pomplamoose and a funk cover band called Scary Pockets.

The video is an encouragement to himself and to his audience to to create things that are raw, not perfect. Making something raw, letting people see the human side is inspiring to others; it makes people feel less alone.

That was the simple truth I’ve come to realize about all of my own creative endeavors. From music to photography to coaching, I wanted myself and others to feel less alone. Belonging is a deep intrinsic need we all have, and we have the opportunity through these platforms to create and connect in a real way.

It’s easy to spit hate at one another. It’s easy to tear down. It’s easy to show only the best parts of one’s life, and make it seem perfect. The real work, the hard work is to be vulnerable and show who you really are.

I leave you with the great Anne Lamott:

“Becoming a writer is about becoming conscious. When you’re conscious and writing from a place of insight and simplicity and real caring about the truth, you have the ability to throw the lights on for your reader. He or she will recognize his or her life and truth in what you say, in the pictures you have painted, and this decreases the terrible sense of isolation that we have all had too much of.”